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We are Koh Phangan’s Time Proven World Class Detox & Yoga Center!

We have completed over 9,000 Detox Programs!

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In January 2007, Ananda Wellness Resort began to offer detox cleanses, and over the years have developed our system into a world class detox program. More than 9,000 people from around the world have experienced Ananda’s detoxification and cleansing programs, including the founder of Agama Yoga school Swami Vivekanda Saraswati, Sahajananda, and Dr. Mihaiela Pentiuc MD.

Best Results With High Quality Products

Our detox program is designed to give you the best results and benefits for your health and wellness.  We only use the highest quality of cleansing products and herbs.

In Thailand, we are distributors of Colema Boards® of California as well as top quality herbal detox & nutrient supplements.  Both of these products are integrated into our detox system.

Custom Designed Processes

We custom designed our private colema rooms for your daily personal sessions.  Our staff prepares everything for the colema session and the cleaning afterward, so that you are able to focus only on the cleansing process without any other effort. Guests who have attended different detoxes on the island have informed us that our system of delivering colemas is the best on Koh Phangan.

Skillful and Intelligent Yoga Classes

We provide alignment yoga that helps to realign misaligned bodies. If you have a sedentary desk job, weak core, or range of motion and mobility issues, then our yoga can help you recover. Our teachers provide skillful instructions to help ensure that you are doing poses safely and correctly. We can help you progress in all facets of your practice: body, mind, and spirit.


In between nutritional supplements and juices, our program hosts a variety of activities for your schedule.  Enjoy our traditional Herbal steam sauna and salt water swimming pool.  The daily massage is focused on techniques to aid in the colonic detox process and the yoga classes helps throughout your purification.

Using a reverse osmosis filtration system along with ozone treatment, all of our water is filtered twice and the drinking/colonic water is tripled filtered to remove all impurities.  Our dedicated staff will personally take care of your fasting and cleansing needs.

Beautiful, Calm, and Relaxing Atmosphere

Ananda Wellness Resort is located in a tranquil setting in the quiet bay of Thailand in front of one of the best sunsets in Koh Phangan.  Our peaceful environment is calm, relaxing, and healing.

Caring and Attentive Staff

Vangelis, Ali, Shannon, Johnny and team take wonderful care of their guests, whom they treat with gentleness and attention. The staff is attentive to all the details so that you can relax and concentrate on your own cleansing and healing process. We are at your service, available for consultation and assistance as needed.

Check out our testimonials to hear just a few of our great success stories.

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