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We are one of the BEST Time-Proven Yoga & Detox Centers
We Offer Detox, Yoga Retreat Packages & Yoga teacher training on the beautiful Koh Phangan, Thailand

Detox Programs

Our detox programs assist people in getting rid of harmful acids and toxins, clearing out unwanted accumulations of mucus, removing blockages in the colon and generally improving circulation – thereby positively impacting, not only their physical bodies but also their emotional, mental and spiritual states.

Yoga Retreats

With some of the best yoga teachers in the area, Ananda launches our yoga retreats on Koh Phangan. From Yama’s and Niyama’s through Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation, our yoga packages offer comprehensive guidance that will leave you with a deeper & stronger yoga practice & understanding.
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Healthy Restaurant

Ananda’s Love Kitchen caters to yogi preferences with an abundant selection prepared in a clean and wholesome environment with love. We offer a full selection of fresh vegetarian and vegan items, with daily specials and a variety of healthy dishes, including many international favorites offered at the request of guests.


Thai Massage – Herbal Sauna – Salt Water Swimming Pool: Therapeutic healing massage, revitalizing and relaxing herbal steaming sauna, the benefit of natural mineral salts and negative ions while you swim; our pool is kept sparkling clean with special filtration and is 100% free of all chlorinated products, and more…

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About Ananda

The treatments and retreats that we offer help purify body, mind and spirit.

Experience the good life at our seaside holistic Wellness Resort in a quiet corner of Koh Phangan island in the south of Thailand.

Staying at Ananda is an investment in your body, your health, and your happiness. We look forward to having you with us for the best value for money and affordable detox in Thailand.

We offer a variety of life-enhancing Yoga holidays and rejuvenating programs for Body, Mind, and Spirit.

We have a complete center to make the healthy change that you are searching for.

The activities and facilities that are part of our Detox Programs and can also be enjoyed separately from the programs. Our resort facilities include:
Yoga Hall,
Massage Hut,
Herbal Steam Sauna
and chlorine free Salt Water Swimming Pool.

  • Detox Accommodations

    Our detox program is considered the best in Koh Phangan. The program fills quickly, book now!

  • Pure Yoga Retreats

    Experience our ALL Inclusive week-long yoga retreat or a budget-minded 3 Day Holiday.

  • Average % Weight Lost in Detox

    Everybody is different but many lose 8-10% of their bodyweight during detox fasting.

  • How much we care

    Come and experience the supportive and loving environment for our mutual healing and growth :)

Detox For Body, Mind & Emotional Nature

Detox and Fasting Programs

Is a purification program like Ananda's Detox ® necessary for me?

You clean your room, your hands, and your clothes, so why not clean out the inside of your physical body? Cleansing and purifying the inside of the physical body is necessary for anyone aware of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Ananda's detox and fasting programs have proven and shown how the internal cleansing of the body acts to reduce physical weakness, reduces states of distress and depression, as well as alleviates the symptoms of many illnesses. It eliminates feelings of being heavy and unclean, slows down the aging process and fortifies people’s immune systems. Learn more about Ananda's Detox in Thailand.

Shown results through years of experience

Over the past 9 years, we have helped a great number of people purify the insides of their physical bodies. Our detoxing procedures assist them in getting rid of harmful acids and toxins, clearing out unwanted accumulations of mucus, removing blockages in the colon and generally improving circulation - thereby positively impacting, not only their bodies, but also their emotional, mental and spiritual states. See more about Ananda.

Clean the body, clean the mind and soul

The treatments that we offer help people to purify their emotional natures, and thereby also calm down the agitation in their mind. The process works by eliminating negative thoughts and ideas. It achieves this result by virtue of the fact that, more often than not, a person’s thoughts and ideas are powerfully conditioned by the degree to which that person’s emotional nature is elevated. Purification of that emotional nature can produce also a purification of the mind. This, in turn, holds extraordinary importance for a person’s evolution. Check what people that made the program thought about it.

Detox and Fasting Programs

Healing and Transformations

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